Monday, 28 October 2013

The new (real-time) GBIF Registry has gone live

For the last 4 years, GBIF has operated the GBRDS registry with its own web application on  Previously, when a dataset got registered in the GBRDS registry (for example using an IPT) it wasn't immediately visible in the portal for several weeks until after rollover took place. 

In October, GBIF launched its new portal on  During the launch we indicated that the real-time data management would be starting up in November.  We are excited to inform you that today we made the first step towards making this a reality, by enabling the live operation of the new GBIF registry.   
What does this mean for you?
  • any dataset registered through GBIF (using an IPT, web services, or manually by liaison with the Secretariat) will be visible in the portal immediately because the portal and new registry are fully integrated 
  • the GBRDS web application ( is no longer visiblesince the new portal displays all the appropriate information
  • the GBRDS sandbox registry web application ( is no longer visible, but a new registry sandbox has been setup to provide for IPT installations installed in test mode
Please note that the new registry API supports the same web service API that the GBRDS previously did, so existing tools and services built on the GBRDS API (such as the IPT) will continue to work uninterrupted. 
As you may have noticed, occurrence data crawling has been temporarily suspended since the middle of September to prepare for launching real-time data managementWe aim to resume occurrence data crawling in the first week of November, meaning that updates to the index will be visible immediately afterwards.  
On behalf of the GBIF development team, I thank you for your patience during this transition time, and hope you are looking forward to real-time data management as much as we are. 

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