Wednesday 22 May 2013

IPT v2.0.5 Released - A melhor versão até o momento!

The GBIF Secretariat is proud to release version 2.0.5 of the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), available for download on the project website here.

As with every release, it's your chance to take advantage of the most requested feature enhancements and bug fixes.

The most notable feature enhancements include:
  • A resource can now be configured to publish automatically on an interval (See "Automated Publishing" section in User Manual)
  • The interface has been translated into Portuguese, making the IPT available in five languages: French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese and of course English.
  • An IPT can be configured to back up each DwC-Archive version published (See "Archival Mode" in User Manual)
  • Each resource version now has a resolvable URL (See "Versioned Page" section in User Manual)
Filterable, pageable, and sortable resource overview table in v2.0.5
  • The order of columns in published DwC-Archives is always the same between versions
  • Style (CSS) customizations are easier than ever - check out this new guide entitled "How to Style Your IPT" for more information
  • Hundreds if not thousands of resources can be handled, now that the resource overview tables are filterable, pageable, and sortable (See "Public Resource Table" section in User Manual) 

The most important bug fixes are:
  • Garbled encoding on registration updates has been fixed
  • The problems uploading DwC-Archives in .gzip format has been fixed
  • The problem uploading a resource logo has been fixed
The new look in v2.0.5
The changes mentioned above represent just a fraction of the work that has gone into this version. Since version 2.0.4 was released 7 months ago, a total of 45 issues have been addressed. These are detailed in the issue tracking system.

It is great to see so much feedback from the community in the form of issues especially as the IPT becomes more stable and comprehensive over time. After all, the IPT is a community-driven project and anyone can contribute patches, translations, or have their say simply by adding or voting on issues. 

The single largest community contribution in this version has been the translation into Portuguese done by three volunteers at the Universidade de São Paulo, Research Center on Biodiversity and Computing: Etienne Cartolano, Allan Koch Veiga, and Antonio Mauro Saraiva. With Brazil recently joining the GBIF network, we hope the Portuguese interface for the IPT will help in publication of the wealth of biodiversity data available from Brazilian institutions.   

We’d also like to give special thanks to the other volunteers below:
  • Marie-Elise Lecoq (GBIF France) - Updating French translation
  • Yu-Huang Wang (TaiBIF, Taiwan) - Updating Traditional Chinese translation
  • Dairo Escobar, and Daniel Amariles (Colombian Biodiversity Information System (SiB)) - Updating Spanish translation
  • Carlos Cubillos (Colombian Biodiversity Information System (SiB)) - Contributing style improvements
  • Sijmen Cozijnsen (independent contractor working for NLBIF, Netherlands) - Contributing style improvements
On behalf of the GBIF development team, I hope you enjoy using the latest version of the IPT. 

1 comment:

  1. A minor bug has been discovered during an upgrade to 2.0.5, whereby single quotation marks ( ' ) in resource titles cause the public resource table and manage resource table not to appear.

    Chances are the majority of IPTs won't be affected, but if you encounter it, there is a simple solution for the bug explained in the IPT's FAQ:

    I apologize if you are inconvenienced by this bug.